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New York, NY: Po-Hong Yu

Fast facts
Practice type: Hybrid
Specialties: Back pain, digestive conditions, headaches / migraines, menstrual conditions, musculoskeletal pain
Styles: Japanese acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), trigger point acupuncture

Why did you become an acupuncturist?
I wanted to make a significant difference in the world and in people’s lives, and I felt like acupuncture was the modality that I connected to the most. This is partly because Chinese medicine is a part of my culture and my upbringing, and partly because I really enjoy working with the body and the energetic system. When someone’s energy changes for the better, it affects everyone around them. It’s rewarding when I’m a part of that change.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?
My unique upbringing has laid the foundation for my acupuncture practice. My step father was a Chinese herbalist and a master of Hung Gar Kung Fu, qigong and Tai Chi. My mother was a visionary, grassroots organizer and an advocate for those in need. My father was a Jesuit priest and is currently a Taoist spiritual teacher. The common denominator between them is their compassion for others and their need to give back to the community. In addition, each of them has influenced me in their own special way which is reflected in how I live my life and how I practice acupuncture. I am thankful that I was able to observe and experience the magic of Chinese medicine and how qi (energy) works. It has truly shaped me.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I really enjoy working with people on a personal level and supporting them through their physical and emotional hurdles while providing them with a safe space to heal. I love to educate people about Chinese medicine and challenge them to think about their body, mind and spirit as one entity and how this way of thinking can change their overall wellness. I am also passionate about being a part of the community and being accessible and affordable to everyone. And lastly, I love that acupuncture is an art form, allowing me to use my creative energy to help others.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?
The biggest misconception is that acupuncture is very painful. Many people have a fear of needles due to their history of getting vaccinations or getting their blood drawn, but they don’t realize that acupuncture needles are as thin as a hair, nowhere close to a hypodermic needle. Another big misconception is that acupuncture only treats pain. It’s true that it does treat pain very successfully, but it also treats so many internal conditions, such as digestion and gynecological problems.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?
My intention is to maintain a balance in all aspects of my life. I try my best to keep stay connected with my body, mind and spirit so that I can detect imbalances when they occur. This allows me the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments needed to “recalibrate.” One of the best things I have done to stay healthy is deleting the word “should” from my vocabulary. And, of course, I get acupuncture!

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(718) 635-1910

205 E. 16th Street, New York, NY 10003

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