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New York, NY: Jessica Towery

Fast facts
Practice type: Private
Specialties: Stress, anxiety, digestion, back pain, sinusitis
Styles: Five Element acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), trigger point acupuncture

Why did you become an acupuncturist?
I became an acupuncturist through my own experience of receiving acupuncture for various issues. I loved it and received such excellent results that I wanted to go into practice and spread the wonderful results that acupuncture has to offer.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?
I am experienced in four types of acupuncture and implement the type that I see will fit through signs and symptoms. I sometimes combine styles if necessary. I’ve had great success with my methods and have returning patients on a regular basis.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy helping allow acupuncture to heal the body naturally through this art. I enjoy the hands-on approach and talking with patients, learning their history and designing a treatment plan especially for the individual.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?
I hear misconceptions about it being painful. I also receive many questions such as, “does it really work?” Of course my reply is “yes” and I explain why and how.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?
I practice yoga, qi gong, and meditation. I also receive acupuncture on a regular basis. I also believe that communing with nature helps heal the body, soul, and mind and is an important component in my personal health.

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(201) 780-6626

1133 Broadway, Suite 1107, New York NY 10010

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