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Lake Vermilion Cook, MN: Lisa Lanigan Simensen

Fast facts
Practice type: Private
Specialties: Addiction, depression, general wellness, headaches / migraines, stress
Styles: Auricular (ear) acupuncture, nutritional and dietary therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Why did you become an acupuncturist?
As a child I was always drawn to the healing arts. Living abroad brought me closer to living and treating holistically. My attention first focused on the idea of “food as medicine.” My love of cooking and medicine led me to the herbal-medicine field and ultimately to Traditional Chinese Medicine. My fascination with this ancient healing art has never ceased to expand my understanding of our capacity to heal ourselves. I truly believe each of us, in our fields of medicine, complement and support each other. The term “doctor” translates to “teacher,” which is what I strive for with each of my patients.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?
My love of all things food led me into the field of Oriental medicine. My belief that food is our medicine crosses over into my practice. I give each patient handouts, websites, recipes, book suggestions and more to empower them to treat themselves and improve their quality of life. I am but one facilitator of this path. What patients do in the days they do not receive acupuncture or another modality will support the foundation that has been laid on a path to wellness.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I love to share recipes and home health tips with my patients. I enjoy when someone has a revelation about the power they hold to transform their own health. There is a transformation when someone starts healing on many levels—there is a light that comes back to them. I enjoy being a part of the process of deeper understanding of our capacity to feel well, nurtured and peaceful.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?
It is a placebo effect. I tried it once and it didn’t work. I hate needles.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?
I live in a peaceful and visual postcard setting. In summer I step out my door to canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, gardening, and stunning beauty. In winter I step out my door to Nordic skiing on the lake, alpine ski instructing, snowshoeing, walks with our dogs and stunning quiet and beauty. Dabbling in art, yoga and meditation add to the tranquility. We have chosen to live a simpler life and return to deer, otter, mink, birds galore, loons, rare moose, snapping turtles, eagles, and even wolf playing in our backyard. We call it Ohm Home.

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3061 Black Bay Pt. Road, Cook, MN 55723

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