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Garrison, NY: Melissa Meyers

Fast facts
Practice type: Private
Specialties: Anxiety, health crisis recovery, stress
Styles: Alchemical acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture

Why did you become an acupuncturist?
My career as an acupuncturist arose out of my experience as a patient of acupuncture. I had previously worked as a nurse and then a lawyer, first as a practitioner and then defending practitioners of Western medicine. Shortly after 9/11, I had my first experience working with a practitioner of Eastern medicine, and I realized after only a few sessions that I wanted to become an acupuncturist. My orientation has always been toward integration of the best of Eastern and Western approaches to healing and making that accessible to people.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?
I am trained in both Eastern and Western medicine and have almost 40 years of professional healthcare experience. Moreover, I live my own life in accord with the same principles of health and healing that I prescribe for my patients, having transformed my own health crises into opportunities for elevating the quality of my health and life, and having been one of the first to follow a truly integrative path.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I have the privilege of working in a way that allows me to give very personalized care to my patients, and our work together often extends over years. I most enjoy helping people to discover the opportunities, which go hand in hand with every form of health crisis—not only for healing, but for elevating the quality of their health and life. I call this approach transformational medicine, which implies that the goal is not just to restore health and wellbeing, but to improve it.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?
The biggest misconception about acupuncture is that it is a form of alternative medicine. Acupuncture today is both Eastern and Western; it is traditional and modern; it is medicine for the body and the mind; and it has the potential to restore or transform health. Acupuncture is a foundational pillar in a new, emerging paradigm that I think of as one medicine.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?
I create my health through personalized lifestyle choices around food, rest, exercise, and interpersonal connectedness. I actively manage stress, maintain a spiritual practice, cultivate my creative life, and give to my community. And yes, I still regularly receive acupuncture.

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(646) 530-0092

35 Garrison’s Landing, Garrison, NY 10524

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