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Darlinghurst, Australia: Leif Tunell

Fast facts
Practice type: Private
Specialties: Anxiety, cosmetic care, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, stress
Styles: Facial rejuvenation acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture,

Why did you become an acupuncturist?
I always found puzzles fascinating. The human body and its relation to the world around us is the ultimate puzzle. I love learning about and treating the body. Acupuncture is a wonderful way to explore this.

What distinguishes you from other acupuncturists?
I like to use palpation and touch to a great extent in my treatments. Active pressure points and abdominal diagnosis tell so much of the state of the person. I like to use a fusion of modern musculoskeletal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to create treatments that are effective and holistically complete.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Acupuncture is a very satisfying line of work. Being able to effect positive change in patients is very rewarding. The trust and intimate nature of acupuncture creates a unique bond and experience between the patient and practitioner.

What is the biggest misconception you hear about acupuncture?
Acupuncture to some people sounds strange and “hippy.” It’s fluffy and inconsistent. However, it stems from a long line of methodical observation and experimentation. TCM is low tech but highly systematized. There is deep logic in the process of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

How do you stay healthy in your own life?
To stay healthy I like to follow the principles of balance. Things of excess or lack there off usually lead to problems. I eat clean, avoiding processing as much as possible. I try to eat a large amount of fruit and vegetable with sustainable protein choices. Regular mixed exercise. Gym, running, bike riding, yoga. I even include fun things like rock climbing, skateboards, and trampoline.

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+61 2 9358 6838

16 Hardie Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010, Australia